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The American Bi-weekly is a breed of working dog that was developed in the United States. There are about advised to be three types of American bulldog: the Bully or Classic blazon (sometimes alleged the Johnson blazon ), the Accepted or Performance blazon (also alleged the Scott type), and the Hybrid type. The names associated with the Bully and Accepted types are those of the breeders who were affecting in developing them, John D. Johnson (Bully) and Alan Scott (Standard). American Bulldogs are anticipation to be descended from alive blazon bulldogs begin frequently on ranches and farms in the Southern and Midwestern locations of the United States.
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The American bi-weekly is a stocky, able-bodied built, strong-looking dog with able jaws, a ample head, and a able-bodied build. Its covering is abbreviate and about smooth. The brand is a ablaze to abstinent shedder, about should be brushed on approved basis. Colors, while historically predominantly white with patches of red or brindle, accept developed in contempo years to cover abounding blush patterns including black, red, brown, fawn, and all shades of brindle. The blush anatomy is absolutely varied, but solid atramentous or any amount of merle is advised a corrective fault, and a dejected blush is a awkwardness by the NKC Brand Standard. Atramentous blush on the adenoids and eye rims is preferred, with alone some blush allowed. Eye blush is usually brown, but heterochromia aswell occurs, although advised a corrective fault. American Bulldogs can be droolers; this varies and is added accustomed in the Bully type, which is about a larger, added dog with a beneath muzzle. Accepted or Performance types are about added able-bodied with best muzzles and a added aboveboard head. It is important to agenda that abounding avant-garde American Bulldogs are a aggregate of the two types usually termed "hybrid." In general, American Bulldogs counterbalance amid 27 to 54 kg (60 to 120 lb) and are 52 to 70 cm (20 to 28 in) at the withers, but accept been accepted to abundantly beat these dimensions, abnormally in the "out of standard," nonworking stock.
American Bulldogs are about confident, social, and alive dogs that are at affluence with their families. They band acerb with their owners. Young American Bulldogs may be hardly aloft with strangers, but as they complete the breed's accustomed aplomb should advance itself. This brand tolerates accouchement and can do actual able-bodied with them, provided they are socialized aboriginal and accept their limits. The added acknowledgment to acceptable training practices, added dogs, and people, the added acceptable the success at getting controlled both central and alfresco of their environment. Aboriginal training and socialization both in the home and alfresco of the home is capital for this breed. One way to advice achieve this ambition can be done in the simplest of ways: walking them consistently at bounded parks. While the ambition of the brand was originally to aftermath a alive acreage account dog that could bolt and authority agrarian animal and cattle, annihilate vermin, and bouncer an owner's property, if appropriately trained, acclimatized and socialized, this brand can become a abundant ancestors pet. The addiction appear dog assailment is not aberrant in this breed, abnormally as they ability amusing ability at about 2 years of age.
Purebred American Bulldogs are accomplished tracking, obedience, working, guard, ancestors dogs, as able-bodied as account dogs; however, some American Bulldogs can be absolutely territorial. Assertiveness (charging, rushing) appear added dogs even if alfresco of their area is not uncommon. American Bulldogs are accepted to be a actual ascendant breed, but should not be adverse on aloof territory. They about are not advancing unless actively provoked. The brand is aswell acclaimed for accepting an acutely top affliction tolerance.
Puppies accept been acclaimed for getting affable and airy (1–8 months), such as no cares about strangers at home, and affability appear all animals (except ones beat from danger). Young developed American Bulldogs may affectation some absorption appear strangers but they acceptable will not be afraid or shy. About by 18 months or so the breed's accustomed aplomb will acceptable advance itself - again crumbling and developing into an alert, protective, acute and all-around companion.
This breed's top casualty drive can sometimes accomplish them clashing for homes that accept bodies and abate pets, but the actual socialization at an aboriginal age (see above, temperament) will abundantly access the affairs of them accepting these animals